Sunday, July 10, 2005

Podcast #1: Who's Going to the NBA?

Our first podcast covers one topic - who will make an opening day NBA roster of the 5 YellowJackets who just left the team.

this is an audio post - click to play

The studio - a bedroom in my house. The microphone - my cell phone. I'm using a service where you just call a phone number, leave your post and it ends up on your blog. I am limited to 5 minutes a clip with that service. Maybe later I'll experiment with longer podcasts with a different service. For now, it's just a time and ease-of-use thing. We'll see what king of response I get.

So give me some responses. Give me your thoughts. Comment here or send me an email. Also, I will post the Podcast XML feed in the box on the right column. All you have to do is plug that address into an RSS reader or into Itunes and you can "subscribe". Or you can just listen here. For the true tech geeks, the podcast feed is actually coming from a different website, not this one. Shouldn't matter, just FYI.

So enjoy!!!!