Tuesday, July 19, 2005

The Reuben Houston Petition

Well, don't ask for my source, but here is the petition for Reuben Houston that was circulated around campus. I debated on publishing it or not, but felt that in light of all the negative press for Reubon, it is worth it so we can cast at least enough doubt in people's minds and get back to "innocent until proven guilty". After all, that's what the legal system is all about.

Petition for Reuben Houston:


Everyone in the Tech community knows about the situation with one of our teammates/fellow students. Things for Reuben Houston are looking positive but the next 24 hours could change his life. The things the media printed and displayed were untrue but now that all the TRUE facts are gathered Reuben's trial can be suspended. Aside from his legal troubles, he needs everyones support in order to get back into school. Reuben has about 3 classes to take in order to graduate and he and his family needs our help. His attorney Manubir S. Arora (a class of '91 Tech graduate who represented Jamal Lewis of the Balitmore Ravens in a similar case) ask that a simple character letter or even just your name be written on a ballot to show that you support Reuben Houston and that you dont see him as a threat or black eye for the Tech community. Remember we all have made mistakes and deserve second chances so please help and respond ASAP(before Friday) Letters can be addressed and written as a message sent to me but they will be printed out and submitted to the Vice President of Student Affairs.
Address the letter to: Dr. William Schafer
Vice President of Student Affairs
Smithgall Student Services Building, Suite 210
353 Ferst Drive Atlanta,GA 30332-0285

I understand that you all are busy so if you dont have time to write a small letter just respond with something postive along with an okay to put your name on a ballot.....THANKS and GOD BLESS

Damarius Bilbo