Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Football - Stewart Mandel Responds

Well, Stewie has responded to his journalistic lack-of-creativity (creating a list) after ranking Chan Gailey the worst coach in the country.

As for the five worst list, I heard from plenty of Georgia Tech fans --
including at least one former player -- who were rate at Chan Gailey's No. 1
"honor," but there almost as many wrote in to say they agreed. Same with
Kentucky's Rich Brooks. Almost no one wrote in to defend poor Gary Pinkel, and,
much to my surprise, more people commended me for including Joe Paterno on the
list than admonished me as sacrilegious.

I'm sorry, no matter how much you may dislike Chan Gailey, you cannot develop a credible story that justifies him ranked there. Wow - if the worst coach in the country is 3/3 in winning seasons with 3 bowl games in a row - I hate to know the standard for the best for a Georgia Tech fan. Just remember - Mandel based his comments on the off-the-field stuff, most of which had nothing to do with Chan Gailey.