Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Podcast #2: College Football Preview

Well, Podcast #2 is in the can and here you go. You'll hear about the college football preview magazines and what some of them have to say. You'll also get a few goodies from Jarrett Jack and Wes Durham and an interesting mash-up song I found on the net. So happy listening.....................

Click here to listen (probably best to download - big file).

Show notes:
- I'm new to this so I'll apologize in advance for my uhh's and my lack of radio personality voice.
- I'll also apologize for mis-pronouncing player names. I think I butchered a couple
- Next time I will encode this thing at a lower bit rate so the file isn't so big
- visit www.mashuptown.com for interesting mash-up's of artists you've heard of.

Please give me plenty of feedback as well. What could be better? How do we make the podcast more interesting? Send me an email of just post a comment here.