Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Football - Reuben Houston Update

Over at Stingtalk, they are reporting that Houston was interviewed on channel 2 news in ATL. Here are the main points:

1. He knew drugs were involved in the situation
2. He claims he was only introducing 2 people
3. He says he had nothing to gain from the deal
4. He says he had no idea there were drugs in the car
5. Says he was just trying to help a friend (some friend)
6. He takes complete responsibility for what he did (which is not what the media reported)

Interesting for sure, but Chan Gailey's recent comments make it tough to think there is hope he will suit up for the Jackets again:

"If something happens [and Houston is acquitted or the charges against him are dropped], we can deal with it," Gailey said. "If nothing happens and it goes on at the same pace it's going now, it won't matter because it will be well into the fall before it's dealt with. A lot of things would have to happen [for Houston to play this season]."

So the truth might lie somewhere between the media reports and the hopes of Tech fans and those close Houston. If what Houston says is true, then it's still a "what were thinking!!" situation. Still stupid. Still risky. Still costly. But not as bad as intent to deal 100 lbs of dope...............