Thursday, July 21, 2005

Football - Your 2005 YellowJackets

RamblinWreck has posted the official roster for your 2005 football team. Of note:

1. Reuben Houston is off the roster.
2. Omar Billy is back on (as we knew)
3. Kyle Belcher is off the roster
4. Mansfield Wrotto is still listed as Offensive Guard.
5. Michael Johnson is listed as a Defensive End, not a Tight End.
6. Anthony Barnes is on the roster (dispelling stupid academic rumor-mongering)
7. Kieran Delaney is off the roster. Not sure the deal.....
8. I don't think the height / weight numbers have been updated. Look for another update once fall practice starts.

On Belcher, there have been rumors circulating for awhile that he would leave school and quit football altogether. Word is he had lost his interest and passion in the game and there were questions about his relationships with teammates. Remember that he was also the guy that made the game-saving tackle against Clemson after the miraculous Calvin Johnson TD catch. I'm a bit disappointed, but if there are attitude or committment issues, let's move on. I wish him the best. Here is Belcher's old profile............. In other news, Coach Gailey will be speaking here.......

Check it out - George P. Burdell lives...... as always. This UGA fan evidently is not aware of who George is, but proceeds to argue why Georgia is a real academic school. He sums things up well at the end - always putting priorities in order for UGA fans:

I know for a fact that UGA is a very real college. For some reason, they usually turn out to be extra real on the Saturday after Thanksgiving every year. With the great and wonderful Coach Richt at the helm, I expect it to stay that way.