Thursday, July 14, 2005

What's Buzzin' in Football

Former Tennessee QB Brent Schaeffer is transferring - and has added Georgia Tech to his possible list of schools. He will decide by the end of July. He favors Clemson, but brings along baggage wherever he ends up.........

Former Jacket Dexter Stallworth on playing in the NAFL when players don't show up for practice or games:

The Marauders pull out the 28-24 victory with a long touchdown pass in the final minute. Tornados receiver Dexter Stallworth yells at his teammates when the game ends. "I take time away from my family for this (expletive)," the former Georgia Tech player screamed.

His teammates like his enthusiasm:

"I don't blame (Dexter) for being mad," Nall said.

"You can't go crazy, but he loves the game. He's one of our best athletes. He's extremely loyal. He never misses a practice. To him, he considered it a slap in the face when some of his buddies didn't show up. He took it personal. I can understand. I root for him in that respect."