Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Where are they now - Cliff Warren

Nice AJC article on Head Coach Warren as he settles into his new job at Jacksonville U..... The love fest between Coach Hewitt and Warren is apparent:

"He should be proud," said Yellow Jackets coach Paul Hewitt, who has had Warren by his side for eight years. "He's been great for us. But it's his time now. Jacksonville is a great opportunity and he'll do a great job. Player development is the backbone of our program, and Cliff's expertise is in player development, especially point guards."

His previous coaches meant a lot to his development. "Paul Hewitt gave me a chance at Siena," Warren said. "And it meant the world to me that he brought me with him to Georgia Tech. He treated me great for eight years, like a peer. I learned so much from him, and not just about basketball."