Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Hoops: Jarrett Jack press conference...

... will be Thursday at 11:00 am, where he will discuss his future plans...... Stay tuned.... In another strange twist, NBADraft.net (thanks to Kenny & RavagedSnail for digging that one up) has moved Jarrett Jack off the 2005 Mock Draft Board and moved him over to the 2006 Board....... Hhhhhmmmmmmm........ Now, why would I think twice about some mock draft site? Well, that site has been "scooping" the early entry announcements before other sites and they have been mostly right about everything - including Chris Paul, Marvin Williams, Sean May, McCants, etc. Now, they did post a story last week that Jack would enter his name but not retain an agent. That story pre-dated the AJC story....... Could Jacket fans be getting that little knot in their stomach that represents their hopes? Throw in the mysterious ankle cast and it all has the makings of of decent shot of Jack returning............... HHHHOOOOWWWEEEVVVEEERRR, I still fully expect Jack to enter his name and not sign with an agent. Certainly interesting............ and that's not the only potentially good guard news we might be hearing soon.......

There is now a story on the net about Jack's press conference - link here....... The most interesting comment was from Coach Hewitt:

In the most telling indication of which way Jack might be leaning, Hewitt said, "I don't think Thursday will be definitive."

"I think he's genuinely up in the air," the coach added. "He enjoys college."

What that says to me is that there is no doubt - 99% certainly - Jack will declare and not hire an agent. Mark it down. Coach also claims not to know Jack's decision:

"I'm not sure exactly what he's going to do," coach Paul Hewitt said when reached on his cell phone Tuesday night. "If he decides to come back, I've told him I'll learn how to put up with him for another year. If he decides to leave, he'll have our full support."

.... and just where is Jarrett Jack tonight? Why, he's at Kemble Teague's house of course, studying for finals........ Great to hear he's studying.... More confirmation from Kemble on the ankle issue - not a full cast, but some kind of brace or split. Sounds like recovery gear from the ankle injury......