Friday, May 20, 2005

Hoops: NY Post Puts it Back in Hewitt's Face

Well, 2 days ago, the NY Post said that Coach Hewitt interviewed with the Knicks for their head coaching job.......

The Post has learned one of those college coaches interviewed is Georgia Tech's Paul Hewitt, a Jamaica, Queens, native who grew up a big Knicks fan................ Hewitt has told confidants at Siena he'd love a move to the NBA if the right situation arose.

Then Coach Hewitt flat out denies ever speaking to Isiah Thomas about the Knicks head coaching job.

"I have never, ever spoken to him," Hewitt said. "Never."

Then the NY Post comes back this morning and throws it right back into Coach Hewitt's face:

Georgia Tech coach Paul Hewitt gave his obligatory denial on the Post's report that he spoke to the Knicks about their head-coaching job. Being linked to an NBA job hurts recruiting.

Now tell me that is not a rag!!!!