Friday, May 20, 2005

Charles Barkley Talks Georgia Tech

In a strange, typical slip-of-the-mouth moment for Charles Barkley, he talks about Auburn losing the Georgia Tech two years ago in football. The setting - a golfing pro-am tourney with everyone from Barkley to Joe Namath to Steve Spurrier to Bart Starr to Jim Calhoun, and more. Here was Barkley's comment:

Barkley, the former Auburn and NBA star turned TV analyst, and U.S. women's soccer team star Cat Reddick were paired with Lietzke in one of the other marquee groups of the day.

"Cat was fantastic but when you lose to a woman, it means you suck at something," Barkley said in a politically incorrect moment. "There are two times when you know you suck at sports -- when you can't beat the women and when you can't beat the smart kids.

"Like a couple of years ago when I went to the Auburn-Georgia Tech game. We lost and I knew we were in trouble. We couldn't beat the smart guys."