Sunday, May 22, 2005

Beesball Draft Rankings

Ok, BaseballAmerica just released their top 200 Draft Prospects. Here's how Jacket players stack up:

40.......Tyler Greene
77.......Austin Jackson
100......Jason Neigborgall
173......Jeremy Slayden

They do note that Austin Jackson is a wildcard due to his hoops status.

In addition, they rank the players with the best "tools" in specific areas....... For example, Tyler Greene is ranked as the 5th fastest baserunner.....

Also, in their blog feature, this last week on Jeremy Slayden:

May 15: Injury Bug Strikes Slayden Once Again
by John Manuel

Georgia Tech outfielder Jeremy Slayden has had plenty of injury problems, and now he has another, having had a cyst removed from one of his feet last week. The surgery is likely to keep him out of the lineup for three weeks—until regionals. Slayden, a redshirt junior, has as much raw power as any college hitter in the draft, but his inability to make consistent contact and lack of other tools has depressed his draft stock to the fourth- to sixth-round range. He’s gotten some comparisons to Jeromy Burnitz because of his uppercut swing, but scouts agree Burnitz was more athletic and better defenders than Slayden, who has little arm strength since a 2003 shoulder injury and who also has battled an ankle sprain.