Thursday, May 26, 2005

Where are they now - Bobby Cremins

A nice article on the great builder - Bobby Cremins, from a Brunswick GA site........

To this day, wherever he goes, Cremins will be associated with Georgia Tech. That will never change, even if he coaches again.

And, there is a chance that will happen. But one believes it would have to be the ultimate situation to get Cremins to lead somebody else other than the Jackets.

"I'm not going to say never just yet," he said. "I've come close, but my legacy is Georgia Tech."

And his school – and its fans – are forever grateful.

I do disagree with one statement in the article. He says that for many Bobby Cremins will always be the "face" of Georgia Tech. Personally, I no longer see Cremins as the "face" of GT. I see him as the "spirit" of Tech. Maybe the "heart"......There is not a nicer, more honest, more humble man and his legacy will last. For those of us lucky enough to be there and experience it, it was special. I love that we have a "legend" who will forever be linked to GT. We have Dodd in football and Cremins in hoops and Ciraldo on the mic...... The face of Georgia Tech - that's Coach Gailey and Coach Hewitt. They are today's representation.