Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Hoops Recruiting

The recruiting picture is getting tighter, as both Duke and North Carolina have landed just about every top recruit they were after. In fact, last week, UNC landed the #1 PG (Tywon Lawson) and the #1 SG (Wayne Ellington) in the nation by many ranking services. Now they are after the #1 PF and #1 SF - no kidding. However, they are certainly playing with fire though, as many of these guys are likely to end up in the NBA Draft - unless of course that 20-year old age limit hits. Then UNC will be..... well...... UNC.

As far as Georgia Tech recruiting goes, fans are getting a little antsy, as we are one of the few remaining ACC teams without a verbal commit. However, this is typical of Coach Hewitt, so patience is in order. We are still in the running for many top recruits, so things will just have to play out. Here's a blurb on our #1 PG prospect, Javaris Crittenton:

Javaris Crittenton of Atlanta rapidly is refashioning himself into one of the better big point guard prospects in recent seasons. At 6-4, Crittenton handles the ball well and is unselfish. He is excellent at penetrating the lane and finishing plays around the rim. He still needs to develop his understanding of running a team. He also is uncomfortable shooting when playing on the ball; he tends not to get his feet under him after dribbling off a screen. Georgia Tech and Wake Forest are among Crittenton's favored schools. . . .