Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Hoops: Hewitt says he's staying....for now

Wow - get out of pocket for a day or so and all sorts of rumors start. I just flew back in from Kalamazoo MI, (which was lovely) only to read about rumors of Hewitt and the Knicks, the Jackets on probation and more. Let's get everyone up-to-date on the Hewitt situation.

First, how did the rumor start in the first place? Well, it started with that rag the New York Post. Here's the article that started it all - "Isiah Keeping an Eye on Hewitt"

Then Hoopshype helped propagate it further.

Now, Coach Hewitt is on the offensive, completely denying that he has even spoken to Isiah Thomas....... However, the it stills seems a matter of "when", not "if":

"To say that (NBA) is my destination job is very much overstating it," Hewitt said. "At this time in my life, I see myself as a college coach. And I love Atlanta."

Hewitt has three young daughters. Taking on the rigors of an NBA job while having young children is one of the primary reasons he has elected to put that goal on hold.

The key point is this - the NY Post article says Hewitt interviewed with the Knicks, and Hewitt says that is flat-out false. We all know that someday in the future when his daughters are more grown up that we are likley to lose him to the NBA. But until that time, let's enjoy Coach Hewitt and all the great things he is doing with the program.