Monday, May 30, 2005

Memorial Day: Honoring the Brave

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On this Memorial Day weekend, we cannot forget to honor those who give their lives so we can yap endlessly about sports and other trivial stuff. So how about remembering Army 1st Lt.Tyler Hall Brown

Army 1st Lt. Tyler Hall Brown of Atlanta was killed in action Sept. 14, 2004, with his battalion in Ramadi, Iraq, 70 miles west of Baghdad. He was 26.

"He was patriotic, red, white and blue to the core, and we figured he could be president someday," said Jonathan Cooper, a friend and classmate at Woodward Academy.

Brown graduated with dual bachelor's degrees in management and in history, society and technology. He was commissioned from the ROTC program at Georgia Tech.

Here's more on Lt.Brown.......... Any words just seem so insignificant, but I think the most important thing we can say is........ THANKS!! We honor you for giving the ultimate sacrifice. Rest in peace........