Monday, May 16, 2005

Hoops: Recruiting Notes

How does a 6'10" go from relative unknown on the summer circuit to all-of-the-sudden getting an offer and accepting to be the next bigman for the Arizona Wildcats? Read here to find out. And guess what - he's from the Atlanta area - right under our noses - Jordan Hill. I don't know what type of talent he has, but can 3 weeks result in a player "blowing up". Evidently so...... Did Lute Olsen get the "next big thing" and a "hidden gem", or did he get bamboozled and hoodwinked by seeing a once-in-a-lifetime performance. One thing we know for sure - he's 6'10", and you know the saying about height.......

Come on lately? That's one way to put it," said Dave Telep, a recruiting analyst for "How about the last three weeks?"

Telep saw Hill play at least twice.

"He's long and athletic," Telep said. "Arizona just happened to be there when (he) started to flash a little bit.