Friday, May 13, 2005

Hoops: Paul Hewitt in Charlotte

Coach Hewitt continues doing the rounds to all the alumni clubs. One of our daily readers, "Jay", attended last night in Charlotte NC and heard what Coach had to say. Here's a recap of some things we can post here:

Hello - I'm a fellow GT grad (1982 BIE), former member of the GT Track team (800m runner), and an daily reader of your Georgia Tech Sports Blog. You do a Great Job!

I was at the Charlotte Georgia Tech Alumni Club Meeting this evening. Coach Paul Hewitt spoke during dinner and here are a few things he said:

Does not know if Jarrett Jack will be back. He asked the audience who, by a show of hands, would stay in school over the chance of being the 25th pick in the NBA draft and signing a three year contract for $700K/year - only one person raised their hand

Does not have a replacement yet for Cliff Warren. He said that anyone in the audience is qualified, especially if they can bring in a seven foot recruit immediately.

Said that Lewis Clinch was the only member of the incoming freshman to call and wish him a Happy 42nd Birthday. CPH joked that he was positioning himself for PT.

Sees Alade Aminu as being a big contributor next year.

Expects Austin Jackson to be playing GT basketball unless he gets a big signing bonus to play pro baseball

Expects Zam Frederick to be playing basketball for GT next year.

Expects Luke to be a second round pick in the NBA draft.

Said that due to the knee injury, we have not seen the real Jeremis Smith yet. Watch out.

Expects to sign one more recruit by the beginning of the summer.

Said he gave Mario West a scholarship during a basketball practice session last year. West was hustling all over the court, wearing down his teammates, diving after loose balls, etc, when CPH stopped the practice and said, "congratulations, you've just earned a scholarship, now please don't hurt any of our players!"

I think it is obvious that many of these comments will beg further questions, but Jacket fans will just have to keep close to the ground to see things develop. For example, it is widely believed that the 2005 recruiting class is finished, but Hewitt's comments last night might lead you to believe otherwise.

Also, it has been reported by one of our readers in the chatterbox and on the discussion forums that Theodis Tarver's mother passed away. I certainly have seen no confirmation of this officially, but we certainly want to send our thoughts and prayers to Theodis in this tough time (if it's true)........