Monday, May 23, 2005

Football Notes

Fox Sports lists their top pro prospects for 2006 and beyond. Only Eric Henderson gets mention under "ten more that belong on the list"......... Here's the AJC Q&A on trying to help people understand the truth about the probation issue with GT Football......... Here's a jab from one writer - expect more:

* Georgia Tech is facing NCAA probation for the first time in school history after determining it used academically-ineligible athletes in four sports between 2000-2004.

Seventeen athletes.

Look, long division is a killer, and everybody makes mistakes. Given how difficult it is to tabulate hours taken and compute GPAs, a college probably could slip up on an athlete here or there. Maybe even several. But 17? Seventeen? Who was keeping the books down there, Ken Lay?

Bobby Bowden and Chan Gailey are both coaches not afraid to stand up for their religion, and Air Force HC Fisher DeBerry is taking it right to the government. Here is what Bowden had to say

"We realize we have other religions with us," Bowden said. "The coach has a responsibility to these boys to try to influence their spiritual life, their physical life and their academic life. ... We know we're going to get challenged on it, but that's what we believe in. I ain't gonna back down."

Here's a nice find by one of our readers (Kenny), as this site ranks Calvin Johnson as the 4th best player in the nation.....

4. Calvin Johnson, (WR), Georgia Tech--If you saw him play last year as I did, he is better than Braylon Edwards and is a freak of nature. Look at his catch against NC State and how he beat Clemson last year with his size and hands and then you will agree he is the best WR in the nation.

Now, I'm biased like other Tech fans, but if you actually put a reel together of every catch he made in the 2004 season, you would be absolutely flabbergasted and amazed. Phenomenal.......