Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Broadcast Booth Changes

There will be some new voices working Jacket games this football season.

Former National Football League great Jeff Van Note and former Georgia Tech standout Rick Strom will join the Yellow Jackets' football broadcast team this fall, accompanying play-by-play voice Wes Durham on the Georgia Tech-ISP Radio Network.

Van Note will join Wes in the booth, while Strom will roam the sidelines looking for stories..... Personally I think this is great, but I just have this nagging feeling in my gut that it could be the beginning of the end for Wes Durham - by Wes's choice of course. Maybe I'm WAY off-base here, but is Wes a career announcer for the Jackets - a true Al Ciraldo? There is no doubt he is 100% THE voice of the Jackets, but will he stay that way? Would he ever trade over to baby blue if pappa retired? Are they putting the pieces in place for the future in case that happened? Again, I could be way off base here. Just speculating.

Anyhow, welcome Jeff and Rick!!!!