Saturday, May 14, 2005

New Ideas for the Blog

I had some thoughts. A dangerous thing for sure. But here are some ideas to get you involved even more with the 'Blog:

1. "Reader Takes". If you want to send me your "take" on a particular subject as it relates to Georgia Tech, I will occasionally post your thoughts in the main column. I can't guarantee every time, but it's another way to involve our readers............. For example, some schools do not require an athlete to have graduated from the university to get his or her jersey "retired". Georgia Tech does. Should it be that way?............. You can give me your take on any subject you like. You may ask - how is that different from the comment boxes? Well, you are limited in how long a message you can leave there. If you have some interesting thoughts and want more space, send me an email.

2. "The Mailbag". Maybe if there are questions or topics you would like to see discussed on the 'Blog, you can send them to me, and on some periodic basis, I will try to put them together and answer them. Of course, if it requires mounds of research on my part, don't expect a lot. But we'll see how it goes.

3. I encourage readers to send me emails with tips, rumors, stories, etc. If you saw one of our coaches at an event and have a story to share, let me know. Tech fans love the "inside" stuff. We already get a lot of mail from people with very interesting information. While I cannot share it all, much of it I can.

Just trying to take the site to the next level.....