Sunday, May 15, 2005

Around the Hive

The LadyJackets are ACC Champs!!!!! Not only that, Jessica Sallinger pitches the complete game shutout and take sole possesion of the all-time win mark in ACC history with 108. Just amazing. Bigtime props to the ladies!!!....... Tonight at 7:30 on ESPNNews you can check out the NCAA selection show and find out who the lady Jackets will be matched up against.....

Want to read a gushing review of Jarrett Jack and his game - go here. Couldn't be a nicer write-up anywhere on the net, although I'm sure they have himi a bit high in the top 10. But hey - that would be fantasitc for him.......... If you wanted to enter your name into the NBA Draft, too bad. The dealine has now passed. So it's in the hands of the NBA Scouts to figure out which of the 400 kids who have declared actually can play...... Here's a story on the draft, including mention of Jack........ To show you how bizarre this draft thing gets, check out this story.........

Hey, Mark Price was inducted into the Georgia Sports Hall-of-Fame, although it gets scant mention anywhere. Or maybe this is an old reference?

Clendenon was not the only inductee to thank his father. Former Georgia Tech basketball and 12-year NBA veteran Mark Price cited his father as "his idol," and the reason he was so successful. Joking about his height, Prize joked that he would have been better suited to play baseball or golf.

"My size probably fits those sports better," said the 6-foot Price.

Remember Nathan Burton? Well, he only finished his football career in 2004, but he happens to be joining the Jackets to embark on his real passion - coaching. Looks like Jon Tenuta is going to have an understudy, and it seems that Tenuta thinks he has potential. Looks like he'll be starting with the grunt work, or whatever the staff wants him to do. Welcome back Nathan!!.................. Well, the Citrus Bowl will be played next season, but there won't be an ACC team in it........ Nice interview iwth Ken Whisenhunt done by the School of Civil Engineering........ Georgia just got a bigtime commit from a QB Matthew Stafford out of Texas. Why does this matter to us? Well, it gives us a stronger chance with some QB's in the southeast who are looking at both schools.......... Incoming freshman football player Tony Clark is also a track standout, and finished the GA High School Track & Field Championships with a 4th place finish in the longjump and 5th place in the 100m dash, with a time of 10.99 seconds........

What does Chan Gailey have to say about the ethical character of our players? In this article on off-season hoolligans, he says this:

Shula and Georgia Tech coach Chan Gailey come from NFL backgrounds, where coaches weren't held responsible for their players' off-the-field behavior. Shula is considering starting a mandatory team-wide character development program this fall based closely on the one Richt uses at Georgia, with sessions on moral reasoning and values. Gailey teaches a seven-week leadership class each fall to his entire freshman class.

"Even in the NFL, I threatened to do it," Gailey said. "In the NFL, you can't make it mandatory."

Gailey's players generally have steered clear of brushes with the law, but he doesn't take the credit.

"The thing about Tech guys, our guys are pretty intelligent," Gailey said. "They understand right from wrong. They don't have to memorize it. They understand it. They're not all angels. They don't all sing in the choir, but I think they have a good understanding."

AJC story on the Pepperdine win.....

Jackets rout VaTech 27-2....... Great news - Virginia beats Miami, which puts the tiniest bit of breathing room for the conference race in the Jackets favor......... How would you like to be 17 years old, recruited by the top schools - including Georgia Tech - then find out you need Tommy John surgury? That's what happened to Chris Huseby.....

Well, Chaunte Howard does it again. She ties here world record mark at 6'4" in her latest meet.....

Evidently golfer Nicholas Thompson is not the only talented one in his family....