Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Want to buy the old AMC Floor???

If you want to buy the old Alexander Memorial hardwood floor, a mere $19,999 will get you into the bidding action over at Ebay (someone at the Hive found this). So far no bids, but here's what it says:

This basketball floor was played on at a major ACC college in Atlanta by conference greats in the 1980s and 1990s. Floor was replaced in 1999 and has been in storage since then. Floor is in good condition. I can give more specific information about the college and venue; I just am not able to use the names for advertising purposes. The floor is approximately 6,000 sq.ft. with all markings (boundary lines, foul lines, college 3 point line, etc.) The floor is labeled for easy assembly with locks to snap the pieces into place. This floor new would cost in excess of $100,000 plus installation.

And of course the pictures show AMC, so it's clear where the floor came from.

Ok, call me crazy, but I think the AA missed a golden opportunity. Is the floor in squares? Why not sell the pieces individually to fans for a certain price. Memento's, souveniers, keepsakes. Have certain ones available that are signed by our famous alumni...........That would be cool as could be to have a piece of the floor that was balled on by Price, Salley, Anderson, Scott, Hammonds, Harpring and more...... and of course coached by the Frank Lloyd Wright of hoops - the architect Bobby Cremins...... Of course, maybe there's some rich donor out there who just wants it for his private hoops court. That's what will probably happen. Won't happen with me. For one, I'm not rich........... Second, I don't have a private anything.........Heck, with 2 small girls, I barely have a private bathroom, let alone dreaming of my own court.......