Saturday, September 27, 2003

Which Jackets do we get against State?

I managed to pony up the $15 to actually watch this sad game tonight and it turned out to be a good investment. The Jacket offense did literally nothing for about 2.5 quarters with bad under and over-thrown passes. Lots of Daniels up the middle for short gains. I have to say that the most disappointing thing was the D giving up 17 points. Anyone want to make any predictions about what Rivers will do against our D next week? It could get ugly fast between him and Tounchdown Anytime Maclendon. I had to check myself at the end when we won the game on an interception in OT "Why am I cheering after a close win over Vandy?"

Still--we're 2-3, 0-2 which is right where I thought we would be heading into this season at this point. If we're going to surprise anyone with a run for the middle of the pack, we better start next week.

NCSU is beatable if we can resurrect the team that showed up for Auburn and the first half of FSU...