Saturday, September 20, 2003

8:25 pm: Thoughts on the first half versus Clemson

Offense Grade - D: Weak - but not a lot different from the rest of the year. Clemson stuffing our run game. One interception. Not able to punch it into the endzone before the half. Hard to tell on the radio, but just no rhythm. We did start to move the ball a little in the 2nd quarter. Maybe this can translate into something positive in the 2nd half

Defensive Grade - F: Just what I feared the most. Clemson says screw the running game and goes to the air. Our secondary cannot handle it. Clemson picks us apart. One interception but we don't make anything out of it. How the crap can you let Clemson score with 41 seconds left in the 2nd half - crap!!!!!

Special Teams - F: Kenny Scott fumbles the opening kick-off. Then we missed a field goal and made the biggest blunder of the game - the 4th down penalty on a punt giving Clemson new life. They ultimately scored and it started their roll.

Overall - F: Couldn't have imagined a worse half of football. I sure hope we can pull off a miracle in the 2nd half. If not, 1-3 here we come - just like everyone thought we would be.