Saturday, September 20, 2003

The Big Picture

I agree with Scott about not getting too down...and this game reminds me that we may be in the midst of a season of unpredictable performance. This summer, I thought that at this point the Jackets would be 1-3 with a W over BYU and be thoroughly uninteresting. I was (and still am) thinking that we are a 4-7 team, but I have to admit that this team is anything BUT uninteresting. It'll be interesting to see how they do next week (win by 21, I think) after this loss, but the real test will be against NCSU, who played well today. If T.A. Maclendon is playing well and healthy, we have no chance there--but again, you never know. Do we get the 39-3 loser Jackets or the 17-3 winner Jackets? This reminds me of Joe Hamilton's early seasons and we all know how that turned out (with a talented defense and receiving corp).

By the way, I still think that Clemson stinks. I don't think they'll win 4 games in the ACC this year and I may have to eat crow on that...but I really believe that the whole near-miss at FSU took a lot out of the young Tech team. Not only that, but they played terribly and were/are inconsistent.

Sure, I was the bonehead who (below) shouted out a big blowout in this game...and we got that. I'm still hoping that with Vandy, Duke, and UNC we can pick up wins #2, 3, and 4. Perhaps we pull out Wake and Maryland--then it's anybody's guess for a bowl slot. They can still pull this out, but Clemson was THE test to see if this season was for real. It isn't, regardless of what happens from here on out.