Friday, September 19, 2003

ACC Struggling on the national scene

This article on CNNSI highlights the struggle of the ACC to gain national prominence with only one team in the top 25. It mentions that "So far, the Yellow Jackets, behind freshman quarterback Reggie Ball and a gang-tackling defense, have been the most pleasant surprise in the ACC." Nice thing to say, and it doesn't bode well for the rest of the ACC. However, lets remember where we were just a few weeks ago. NC State, Virginia, FSU and Maryland all the top 25. Wake made a brief appearance. ACC teams have definitely played poorly against non-conf. opponents, the highlight being the whooping that Clemson took against UGA and Maryland's loss to some local high school in the first week. But NC State almost pulled one out against Ohio State, Tech beat Auburn and Clemson BEAT some local high school in TN last week. The season is still young. The ACC is weaker, but give it time. We all know what VT and Miami will give us, but the conference is not as bad as people might want to believe. Of course if we had the money the SEC had to pay its players, we would probably be better also.