Wednesday, September 17, 2003

Blog posting from an Auburn fan

Found this blog posting on another website. Obviously a jaded Auburn fan. He could feel worse - he could have gotten crushed by his in-state rival then lost to a WAC team missing most of the starters in an also-ran bowl:

"Oklahoma barely gets by Alabama and Auburn gets killed by Georgia Tech. Before all the preseason hype I thought Auburn had a good team. Not great but good. We'd win the SEC West and go to a good bowl game. The preseason hype lead me to believe we were going win the SEC and go to a BCS bowl. Now I don't know what to think. The first week I was pissed. Getting beat by USC sucked but at least they were good. Georgia Tech sucks. And they bit--slapped us. Auburn didn't look like they had ever played together as a team before. The offensive line didn't block (after bringing back 4 starters). Jason Campbell couldn't get the ball away for a pass because of it. The running backs looked completely out of sink. And the stellar defense showed their weak in the middle of the line and the secondary. There was nothing good you can take away from those two games. Nothing. I like Tuberville as a coach but he has proved this year that he will never be a great coach. His team is playing like a bunch of individuals living off the hype machine, not the team I saw last year in the Iron Bowl.

They are one word: Awful. I can't even look at the cover of ESPN the magazine. Even reading about the hype makes my stomach turn. I am already declaring this season over. Humanitarian Bowl if we are lucky."

Good to see Tech fans are not the only fans who are quick to lose faith and are easily jaded.