Tuesday, September 23, 2003

Randolph Morris - fatherly influence to stay in school

A Kentucky paper reports the following about Randolph Morris, the 6'10" center considered the number 3 center in the country:
Recruiting ... UK Coach Tubby Smith is scheduled to make in-home visits to at least two high-profile prospects this week. Here's an update on the two.
• Colleges who look to recruit high school big men have to worry about the player jumping directly to the NBA. But Kentucky shouldn't have that concern in its pursuit of Randolph Morris, a highly regarded 6-10 player from the Atlanta area.

The player's father, Ralph Morris, recoiled when asked about his son considering the high school-to-NBA leap.

"Oh no," the elder Morris said. "Definitely not. I can assure you of that. ... Randolph is not prepared for the NBA. He's still a kid. We want him to be able to experience college life as an adolescent so he can learn to be independent and responsible."

The younger Morris, a top 20 national prospect, is considering Georgia Tech, North Carolina and Louisville as well as UK.
Georgia Tech is the leader. "But that's not set in stone," the player's father said.

Again, more reason why this seems it should be our top center recruit and not #1 Dwight Howard, who is probably gone anyhow.