Tuesday, September 16, 2003

Hoops - will Tech get the #1 high School center in the country?

Tech is hoping to sign Dwight Howard, the #1 center recruit in the nation. He goes to high school in SW Atlanta Christian and has evidently been a man among boys. Here is a comment from a news article "Toney was accompanied by Southwest Atlanta Christian center Dwight Howard - among others - who was on an unofficial visit (to UGA). At 6-10 and 225 pounds, Howard is considered the top high school center in the country. Howard, who is also considered an NBA prospect, has said he will play college basketball in Georgia, but he gave no indication over the weekend on whether he would commit to Georgia or Georgia Tech, Toney said."

If we get him - GREAT, but another Chris Bosh - lucky to keep him for a year. And big men are hard to acclimate into a team with winning results. Just look at what happened with Bosh - ACC Freshman of the Year, and an NIT Bid.