Sunday, September 28, 2003

ACC Expansion commentary

Well, it looks like we are on the trail recruiting that 12th team for the ACC. We all knew it was coming and was reinforced when the NCAA recently turned down the ACC's request to allow a conference playoff with 10 teams.

The rags are saying that Boston College is still probably the most likely #1 to join, although if they could seal a deal with Notre Dame, I'm sure they would do that first. I am torn re: Notre Dame. While they would definitely add even more prestige, history and sports strength to our conference, if Notre Dame can only have it their way to join, I say adios - have a nice day. They want to have their cake and eat it too. When their TV contract runs out, if they are NOT competing for a national championship, I doubt they get any sweethart deal like they have now. Then I'm sure many of the Irish would wish they had made joined. In my mind it's either all-or-nothing. I could live with a phase-in period with football that accounts for the current TV contract, but let's not pretend ACC NEEDS Notre Dame. We can do just fine with a Boston College, or even a slightly lesser school. Notre Dame may not "need" a formal conference now, but that day is coming as conference re-alignment creates larger and larger groups. Heck, they are saying the Big East will probably have 16 hoops teams. Notre Dame better decide what horse they want to ride and not let the race pass them by.