Sunday, September 21, 2003

Links to news stories on the Clemson game - are you really interested

If you actually want to pain yourself by reading the stories on the Clemson game, here are some links: The official AP Story, the Augusta Chronicle story, another Augusta Chronicle story, the Greenville News, Greenville News again, The AJC (story 1, story 2, story 3, game stats), CBS Sportsline, Quotes from Tech players, and finally game notes.

I tell you what, I am already starting to accept the loss and I'm ready to move on. Walt is right about looking at the big picture. Let's remember that last year was really Gailey's first true recruiting season and he had a pretty decent class. The year before he came in after the O'Leary incident and had to try and pick up the pieces in the middle of recruiting season. Let's see how we progress through the season and how he does with the next recruiting class before we throw too harsh judgement on him. After all, no matter how good the coach is, you have to have good "horses" playing the game. I can see a kernal of something good with the team and hopefully Chan can continue to build on it. I hope the fans don't get too down on him - we are a pretty easily frustrated bunch. But that's because we care A LOT about Tech sports.