Thursday, September 18, 2003

Tech - Clemson game notes

This AJC article sounds like our personal rants about Tech. "If Tech can beat Clemson on Saturday, it will be 2-2. Let's see a show of hands from the Tech folks: In August, how many of you would have taken a guarantee of 2-2? I thought so." I guess it's not rocket science. But this truly is the test. How many teams can claim a 1-2 record and fans feel good about the program? We have to translate the momentum into W's.

AJC Article on defensive depth - popular topic. I tend to disagree with Walt's idea of giving the back-ups some snaps early in the Clemson game. We have been leading all three of our games at the half. We can talk about weak defense in the 2nd half but we haven't exactly lit it up on offense in the 2nd half either. If we let Clemson get out in front of us going into the second half, that might be too much to ask for.

Injury Report:
"Sophomore strong safety Chris Reis, a former Roswell High School star, remains out after sustaining a concussion at FSU. Reis, who had a CAT scan and other medical exams as a precaution, said he expects to be back next week. It's unclear who will take Reis' place in Tech's nickel package. In other news, sophomore tailback Chris Woods has practiced despite suffering a possible concussion and is probable"

AJC Article on Defensive Coordinator Jon Tenuta. Getting more PR lately.

Lastly, interesting editiorial about Chan Gailey. No doubt it is hard to read what he is going to do in a game. This was particularly frustrating last year, where things just fell apart at the end of the year. Of course, he wasn't calling the plays last year, so maybe there is something legit here to be excited about. Personally, I would like to see him continue to give R.Ball the chance to make mistakes. He has obviously gained confidence in him since the BYU game. Rightly so.

Another article on the Tech defense from an Anderson newspaper.

All the talk of the Clemson passing offense could throw off notice about that fact that Clemson's leading rusher in 2002, Yusef Kelly, will probably return to the line-up Saturday and see his first action of the season. By the way, he is also expected to be a father on Saturday - see article. We may have to focus on the run after all.