Friday, September 19, 2003

The "Bro" / TV Coverage / Ball comments

Wow, Bryan - harsh if I do say so myself. Just for clarification, there were 2 terms for the "Bro". The other was the "Man-zier". Again, it's up to the marketing people. I guess I wasn't watching Gailey's pits close enough - and the real question is - why would I? Unfortunately we will not be able to follow-up on this important line of thinking since the Clemson game will NOT be televised anywhere this weekend - not even locally in Atl or the Carolina's. Unbelievable!!! Speaking of that, the media has picked up on this lack of "Media"

Just saw that the Vandy game will be available on Pay-Per-View (only for certain people in Georgia I guess). Great - 2 weeks of radio.

I have added a link to Sting Talk, a Georgia Tech Sports Message Board that seems quite lively. Also, have added a new link on the left to the GaTech discussion board. Not sure how lively it is. Thanks to Bryan for the mention of Coach Gailey's website - I have added it to the permanent link list also.

Also, did you notice that you can no longer listen to Gailey's weekly call-in show - you have to sign up for Yahoo's pay-service for college pass. The internet freebies continue to disappear. Hopefully they won't do the same thing with Hewitt's weekly conference on the Hoops team.

Did you know this? Georgia Tech has not allowed a touchdown on an opening drive in 33 straight games, dating back to a meeting with Clemson in 2000. Found that blurb somewhere.

Clemson players have in fact started to get motivated by Reggie Ball's statement about not losing another game. See bottom of this article that also talks about Clemson's no huddle offense possibly exploiting Tech's defensive lack of depth.