Sunday, September 28, 2003

Links from the Vandy game

Here are a host of links about the Vandy game. First, Bilbo did make his first catch, a 49 yarder. Here is a Bilbo article from the Macon Telegraph. Glad to see that. Walt, I am also concerned about our defense, but less the running of Maclendon than the passing of Rivers. If they open up the passing game early and we do not defend, then Maclendon will run all over us in the 2nd half as we try to adjust to the pass. Obviously we are all concerned on offense. One area that bothers me is execution on 3rd down. At Vandy we were 3/14 in 3rd down conversions. It has been similar all year. The running game on 3rd was ok, but look at passing on 3rd --- 1 for 7, for -1 yards and an interception. I'm sure Ball will develop more confidence in this area as he gains more experience, but how much is play calling?

For game stats, see here. AJC article. Also, here is John Hollis's grades for the Jackets. Comments on Reggie Ball's performance from AJC. Also here is an article from the Macon Telegraph about Ball. Here is Jeff Schulz's take. Here is the enemy media's take on the game. Also, the performance of James Butler is definitely worth mentioning - 9 tackles and an interception. He name made the list of ESPN's top performers. Way to go James!

CBSSportsline has Tech ranked 78 in their "Sportsline 117" rankings. Let me see - if we win the rest of our games, each of the top 77 teams loses half of their remaining games...................I can smell national championship baby!!! Ok - here's a realistic goal - finish in the top 50.

On a sad note, records are made to be broken - Philip Rivers broke Joe Hamilton's all-time ACC total offensive yardage mark this week. As a reward we get to play him next week.