Wednesday, September 17, 2003

Blurb on Jon Tenuta

Blurb from an AP Sportswriter.
TOUGH TENUTA:@ How much difference can an assistant coach make?
It wasn't real big news two years ago when defensive coordinator Jon Tenuta left North Carolina for the same job at Georgia Tech. But the Tar Heels' defense is now ranked 117th in the nation, while the Yellow Jackets are 22nd and second in the ACC with 11 sacks. "I don't think you can understate what Jon has done with the defense," Georgia Tech coach Chan Gailey said. "He gets them mentally and physically ready to play. "He's got a great football mind. He has not had all of the talent in the world on that side as far as depth goes and as far as size goes but he has found ways to use our quickness." Tenuta has been defensive coordinator at five schools, including Ohio State in 2000. Maryland coach Ralph Friedgen said Wednesday he's been impressed with Tenuta for years. "Jon is a big pressure guy," Friedgen said. "He does a good job of stopping the run and making you a one-dimensional team. And he's very creative and does a lot of interesting things."

Here is a profile

I hope Tenuta is all he is cracked up to be. So far so good - especially considering our small size and lack of depth.

Speaking of defense, here is a short article on Keyaron Fox, who leads the ACC with 43 tackles. Here is his official profile. Check out the do. Can you say Buckwheat?

One last defensive note of interest. All three of the linebackers listed in the story above (K.Fox, D.Smith, A.Brown) - ALL SENIORS. Gailey did bring in some supposedly talented freshman linebackers and I have heard he is trying to go that route again this year. If these guys keep this up this year, they will be hard to replace.