Tuesday, September 23, 2003

Rix caught using a handicapped sticker on his car

Well, we knew Chris Rix was special after his come-from-behind win against Tech, but we didn't know he was "special". Check this out. This guy has the nerve to use a handicapped parking sticker to get good spaces and he got ratted out by his own FSU students. More power to them.

Here are my top ten handicaps that Rix might have to legally get a sticker:

10. Attending FSU - handicap enough moving forward into the real world
9. White man's disease
8. Toxic Eye black brain absorption
7. Unmentionable infection from too many snaps from an unclean center
6. Sleep Apnea (slept thu a final exam last year and was declared ineligible for Sugar Bowl)
5. Seminole fluid infection? (get it? ok a little off color)
4. Uses Sebastion Janakowski (sp?) as a role model
3. Out of shape and wanted more exercise (run Forest run!!!)
2. No brain (we're off to see the wizard)
1. Ego too big for his puny head (he has #16 emblazoned across his SUV)