Monday, September 22, 2003

Hoops - word is Clarence Moore will play again this year

Rumors, rumors. Remember Clarence Moore? Played hoops in 2001/2002 for Tech. Averaged 9.4 points, 5.4 rebounds, shot about 46% from the floor, 36% from 3-pt? It appears he will be returning to Tech for his final year of eligability after a one-year leave of absence. He had missed most of 2000/2001 after he broke his foot. He certainly could provide a nice scoring boost to our line-up this year. With the addition of Will Bynum this could be a nice team this year. I'm fairly excited (even this early into football). In some ways Hewitt really couldn't run his brand of game with Bosh, even though he was a tremendous talent. Just seems very hard to work a good big man into the line-up AND run an up-tempo style. Now, with that being said, we need to expect good things from Tarver and Looooouukke S. this year. They are our stoppers in the middle.

On another note, evidently Bosh has made more than one trip back to campus in recent months. I'm sure he feels some level of obligation to help Tech with the recruiting process after leaving us dry after one year (although he did the right thing).