Monday, September 15, 2003

Gailey does not regret 2-point decision

Gailey has been questioned on why he did not go for 2 points on our only touchdown (see the article). He said he does not regret it - I tend to agree. It was too early in the game. I've seen some games where they start looking at those PAT charts (when you should kick vs go for 2) too early in the game. You miss a couple and pretty soon the numbers start working against you. I can see how he would be questioned though - by the same token he defended his choice early in the game using 4 downs to go for a touchdown. He said that there would not be many touchdown opportunities. I agreed with his decision there also (even though the results sucked), but if he believed there would not be many touchdowns then maybe he would have thought harder about going for 2. Well, easy to play armchair quarterback now - but that's what we do. Go Jackets. - Scott