Friday, August 12, 2005

Hoops: Well ain't that a B----

I sure don't remember this, but check out this quote from multi-talented dual-sport star Martellus Bennett, a 6'7" 252lb stand out who will play both football and hoops for Texas A&M:

That is if he doesn't jump to the NBA first. Because the Aggies' most celebrated football recruit is also their star basketball signee, a steal of a prospect who could have gone to Duke or North Carolina or Kansas, and who would have given up football to play basketball at Georgia Tech, Martellus Bennett said, if only coaches had contacted him earlier.

Like I said, ain't that a b----.......

In other recruiting notes, evidently Coach Hewitt likes the NCAA rule that prevents him from talking to recruits during the summer AAU season:

With the NCAA banning college coaches from having contact with the players during the summer, an interesting dynamic unfolds at games.

Parents and fans are restricted to one side of the gym while coaches congregate on the other. Necks crane and eyes narrow as spectators attempt to read the school names on the shirts of coaches across the court.

Signs are posted reminding players to avoid talking to coaches and the NCAA sent five certification coordinators to make the rounds in Vegas to ensure its guidelines were being followed.

"I think it's a good thing," Georgia Tech coach Paul Hewitt said of the no-contact rule. "It gives kids a chance to just concentrate on playing. These kids are being recruited by so many schools, it's a hassle for them. They should be able to go out and enjoy this, and then sit back and decide as opposed to being sweated all the time."

Just as Hewitt entered the gym to watch a Georgia-based team, Nick Larson made his way out after his Pump N Run team finished its afternoon game.

Here is a decent Tech team preview from a Duke basketball site. Actually, they get most of the team right..........Interesting, they seem to think that Paco Diaw is officially on the team, even though he's not listed at on the roster at this point. Don't you just love the arrogance of this statement? Typical Dukie:

Included in the 4th best group of 2005 recruits entering the ACC is Lewis Clinch, who certainly has the potential to become an All-ACC caliber talent by all accounts. Considering that Duke was one of the teams that recruited Lewis Clinch and lost the recruiting battle to Tech, it is obvious that Clinch is considered to be a special talent.

Yes, thank you Duke for deeming Lewis Clinch special because of YOUR interest. After all, with players like Shavlik Randolph consistently coming out of the program, anyone you touch MUST be special!!!!