Thursday, August 11, 2005

Hoops Notes

Perry Stevenson has a list of 7 schools and Georgia Tech is one of them........... The Babul brothers run their own hoops camp. What has happened to Jon?

....within the span of six months, he resigned his position as Basketball Operations Director at James Madison University in Virginia to become an assistant coach at Jacksonville University, only to return to JMU in Richmond as an assistant coach there.

"I was in Jacksonville all of three months and this happened, that's the nature of the business,'' said Jon, who recently returned from a four-state, four-week recruiting mission. `` I feel pretty good about it (his new post), it's a step up in positions, in leagues -- and in pay!''

This rich guy claims to have had an offer to play hoops for Georgia Tech - Steve Belkin. He didn't accept, but has other interesting claims to fame.