Monday, August 29, 2005

Football - Sporting News

There is no doubt that of all the preseason magazines, the Sporting News gives us major love. Here are some of the props you will find in the mag:

2. P.J. Daniels, RB, Georgia Tech: This isn't a throwaway guess. Daniels is the most talented running back in the league, and Tech has a chance to win 10 games this season. If it does and Daniels stays healthy, he'll be around 1,600 yards and easily could be in New York City in December.

Most underrated player: Gerris Wilkinson, LB, Georgia Tech

Most fearless quarterback: Reggie Ball, Georgia Tech

Most physical receiver: Calvin Johnson, Georgia Tech

Best defensive coordinator: Jon Tenuta, Georgia Tech


Georgia Tech: Coach Chan Gailey is getting more comfortable on the recruiting trail, and the elite talent (see: Calvin Johnson) is beginning to come to Atlanta. One problem: Tech has the reputation of a team that loses games it shouldn't. There's no question the Jackets have enough talent -- and, more than anything, a tough defense -- to contend for a league championship now. But elite teams don't lose games they shouldn't. That's the first step toward making the turn to the top of your conference.

DESCENDING Maryland: All of that winning early on under coach Ralph Friedgen was followed by recruiting classes that were just decent in 2002 and '03. The Terps' last two classes have been much better -- ranked the '05 class 16th in the nation -- but the previous lull began to show last season. It has been hard for Friedgen to get elite quarterbacks and wide receivers to come to Maryland, which is odd considering his success in developing players and the prolific nature of the offense. His staff is fantastic and makes up for many shortcomings, but there is at least one more year on a downward turn.

On a separate note, here's an entertaining article about Georgia Tech's version of "muscle beach".