Saturday, August 27, 2005

Football Notes

Here's a quick list of notes from this past week in practice:

1. KaMichael Hall's situation is still not "settled", and it is not clear he will be available to play against Auburn............ This situation has spread the defense a little thin. Believe it or not, Chris Reis has been taking some snaps BACK at the LB position - "as an emergency need" per Coach Gailey. What makes this worse is that DJay Jones and Joe Gaston has been sidelined this week with minor injuries. Jones and Gaston are both our 2nd string safeties. That's gonna suck if we have to send Reis back to LB. Travis Chambers has been getting time in that spot as well even though he's primarily practice in the middle LB spot.

2. The O-Line finally got a few good practices under their belt with all the bodies back. They're not 100%, but they are practicing. From the looks of thing, the line will end up as originally planned on 1st team (Gardner, Rhodes, Tuminello, McManus, Honeycutt). 2nd Team looks like - AJ Smith, Newberry, Parker, Lonowski, Besirevic.

3. Reuben Houston has in fact been allowed back in school pending his court case. In other words, he is being allowed back in school under the presumption of innocence until proven guilty. Houston has been spotted in classes - and only needs 2 to complete his degree - that would be CS 1315 (thanks gtReck).............. He will not be allowed back on the team until his case is settled and innocence is clear. This all goes to show that Georgia Tech continues to show some level of ethical standards. Put education first - and let the guy finish his degree, but it doesn't matter that he might be an all-ACC DB.

4. Macon Telegraph published a story about Michael Johnson possibly walking on to the hoops team. Interestingly, it came up right after someone asked about it on this board. Coincidence? Hhhmmm. Anyhow, the idea was not shunned at all. Coach Gailey said he would support it as long as he does the work (training and academics). Coach Hewitt said he could be a solid defender and rebounder on the team.

5. Looks like chances are good that Mansfield Wrotto will switch back to the O-Line......... in 2006. Of course that's a long ways away......

6. Joe Anaoi's surgically repaired shoulder has been sore this wee. He's taken intermitten time off this fall to keep it rested. He should be ready to go, but it will be interesting watching his durability during the season.

7. PJ Daniels really is in the best shape he's been in a long. That bodes well............. of course.

8. Great news - Eric Henderson and Travis Bell are named to's 1st Team pre-season All-American team. How about that!!!

9. Looks like Chris Woods has won the kick return duties, beating out T.Choice, J.Johnson and Kenny Scott.

10. Jonathan Garner is adjusting to life as a freshman.....

11. Listen to and their audio Georgia Tech preview with AJC reporter Mike Knobler.

12. VaTech is offering a huge contract to Frank Beamer per the WreckRamblin blog, not long after Al Groh gets big dough at UVA.............