Tuesday, August 09, 2005

What's Buzzin for Tuesday

Well, Coach Gailey is trying to give us some hope that things are not as ragged on the O-Line that we might believe, although he's not giving us a lot. But it's something. He does think this is the most athletic group he's had, although also the least experienced....................If you don't have the hardcopy - make sure to download the e-version - the 2005 Georgia Tech Media Guide........................... Great news for the defense, as Joe Anoai is ready to rumble.............. No doubt the AJC is tryingt to cast even more positive spin around our latest recruit, TE Austin Barrick. However, no way he runs a 4.4-40, although I would love nothing more than to be proven wrong. He's listed at 6'3" 235lb. Heck, average NFL TE's run in the 4.8 range, so let's not get carried away here. The point is that he has both size and speed and that means he could end up in many different positions on the field. This is another kid being presented as in the mold of those "hidden gems" that the Georgia Tech coaching staff seems to find before others. We will see.................... Also nice that Kevin Tuminello is back full strength as well............. Here's a good article on players changing positions, the transition and all about Tech players. Covers Gerris Wilkinson finally getting to play the same position 2 years in a row - for the first time. Covers Brad Honeycutt from OG to OT. Manfield Wrotto from DT to OG to DT after the injury to Daryl Richard. Dawan Landry strong safety to free safety (from QB in hs). Chris Reis from SS to LB to SS. .................. This might be a repeat, but this on Tech's chances and Chan Gailey's health................. So who has better depth at the running back position - Georgia Tech or Georgia. Interesting debate, but I have to give the edge to UGA. I know, practically a sin to do that on a GT site. I give UGA the edge when it comes to big play backs. Their guys appear to have more big play capability, on paper. Having said that, I give the overall edge in depth to Georgia Tech. With 4 guys who could start for many schools and a guy chomping at the bit like Drew Gause things are strong. Where GT gets the edge is also at the fullback position. UGA lost their leading fullback for the season and I think another kid is going to be suspended for at least a game (although I may have my facts wrong). No doubt the state of Georgia is well represented when it comes to running backs in major div I-A football........... Here's one Auburn player that's been watching Georgia Tech film............... In recruiting, Tom Lemming looks at some prospects............. A find on James Butler, listed as the NY Giants 3rd string safety:

Rookie watch: Rookie safety James Butler made a case for himself as a hitter when he slammed first-year wide receiver Michael Jennings during a passing drill. Jennings still managed to hang on despite Butler's best effort.

Here's another nice comment on Butler.............. Here's a Jimmy Dixon mention:

Former Tennessee Vol Troy Fleming returns for his second season at fullback; he's assured a roster spot. The Titans might carry a second fullback/special teams player. If they do, Douglas's competition comes from free-agent rookie Jimmy Dixon out of Georgia Tech.

Dixon was a two-year starter for the Yellow Jackets and mainly served as a blocker. He has not caught the Titans' attention the way Douglas has, even though Douglas has been a spectator this week.

Well, how about this - Patrick Carter didn't transfer to USF after all. Try U of Florida. Try Urban Meyer. Unhappy with the reality that Chan Gailey said he could make it to the NFL as a WR, NOT as a QB, he decided the same message was easier to take coming from Urban Meyer. Carter is competing for a WR slot and is at Florida as a walk-on. There will be no Patrick Carter - QB - in the future. Of course, here was another review of his attempt to get open:

Everything Nelson did from jamming the receivers at the ball to covering with intensity was first rate. Wearing number #32, Nelson’s first assignment in one-on-one drills was covering Georgia Tech transfer Pat Carter, who is playing wide receiver. Nelson blanketed Carter. He had no real shot for the ball, because he looked as though he was auditioning for a role as a pinball, with Nelson playing the bumpers.

Yet another case of Chan Gailey doing what is best for a young man, even though it is hard to hear. That's why I now have tremendous respect for Damarius Bilbo and his strength of character to come to terms with the shift and dedicate himself as a WR - and stick with Tech. I am assuming that Carter will have to sit out a season, but I'm not sure how the walk-on situation applies. Let's face it - this is the danger of recruiting athletic QB's. The deal is that these kids are extremely valuable on the field - just not always as QB. They are typically smart, know the ins out outs of the offense and are team leaders and high character guys.

Here's a bit of the Steve Spurrier story, including this on his first chance to test his offensive ideas:

Spurrier's uninhibited mindset dates back to his days as a Heisman-winning quarterback at Florida in the mid-'60s under head coach Ray Graves. Then Georgia Tech head coach Pepper Rodgers gave Spurrier the first real chance to put his ideas in motion when he hired him as an assistant in 1979. Spurrier further honed his creation as offensive coordinator at Duke (1980-82) and as head coach of the USFL's Tampa Bay Bandits (1983-85).
Here's more on Auburn RB Trey Smith..................... Is Auburn re-building or re-loading?......... Here are some interesting stats on the NFL draft and ACC teams.............. Evidently the veteran WR group at Auburn will try and guide the new offense................ How about this - away from the SEC for decades, but we still get guys mentioned in the all-ACC teams (D-Line) - George Brodnex and Lamar Wheat and Billy Martin

Hey, check out what I found when surfing - how about where you can find William Bell, the starting RB on our 1990 national championship team...................

Nomar Garicaparra is ready to help the Cubs........... A little old, but Jason Varitek getting some headlines as well............. Here's a comparison of the divergent careers of Rafael Palmeiro and Mark Teixeira. Not sure it's a fair comparison - but out with the old, in with the new...........

Nice story on Matt Kucher............. Beating college high-jumpers is definitely easier than beating the pro variety. Just ask Chaunte Howard. She jumps her personal best - 6' 6.75", and that's only good enough for 2nd place.................... Golf Digest recently ranked the best collegiate golf programs overall and Georgia Tech finished #1. Cited were facilities, 4 top 5 finishes in the NCAA's, 16 all-americans in 5 years and one of the best young coaches in the country. Tech was followed by Texas, Florida, UCLA and Clemson. Found on the Hive................. Here's a wierd mention of mascot names, in light of the Indian issue, and this on the Yellow Jackets:

Are we to believe that Georgia Tech is seeking to embarrass or marginalize Yellow Jackets? (Granted, Techies are Evil, but they are probably not malicious toward Hymenopteran-Americans.)
This is a weird one - Georgia Tech has expressed interest in opening a green field campus - in India. Hhhhmmmmm. Look - the Savannah campus is fine - but not so sure about this one. If this is about capitalizing on high level engineering talent that can be had for $8000/year, not good................ Stewart Cink has to use that Georgia Tech education...................... Ok, I know there is a GTU reference, but the main point for me is this - where the heck was "Robotic Powered Submarines 101" in the ME manual. I was taking frickin' air conditioner classes - bbbboooorrrrriiiinnnngggg...........