Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Football - Pep Rally Falls Flat

Well, I'm writing this from sunny Appleton Wisconsin................................

I received an email from Wes Durham this morning letting me know that he didn't think the event last night was sponsored by the GTAA. He thought it was sponsored by either the CCF or FCA, but that the GTAA was not directly involved in the program. It's important to know that as we bash the GTAA. Turns out this is not a fair criticism. However, it does point out that if a campus group has the clout to actually get the team and coach to attend an event, there needs to be some level of promotion required so these problems can be avoided.

Evidently there was a pep rally on campus Monday night. Evidently the ENTIRE team was there. Evidently Joe Hamilton spoke. Evidently Coach Gailey spoke. Evidently Chris Reis spoke. Supposedly Eric Henderson spoke. Supposedly Salih Besirevic spoke. Who did they speak to? THE TEAM, the cheerleaders and the band............ because there were only about 30 students / fans there. It was cold, it was rainy, but there were only about 30 people there............. Absolutely pitiful........ Why is that? Evidently nobody knew about it. Threads starting popping up on the Hive late Monday afternoon about a pep-rally, but there wasn't any official release on RamblinWreck or for students on campus. Students at the Hive are saying they didn't know about it. They claim there were no flyers, no mailouts, no emails, no notices, nothing on the web, etc, etc........... Here's more frustration.......... Does the GTAA want fans to go these rallies? Maybe not. I don't know. Maybe it's supposed to be a student thing. That's fine. But dangit - TELL THE STUDENTS!!!......... If you want fans to go, then by gosh - put out a release of RamblinWreck. Send one to me - I'll post it here too.................

I cannot tell you how sad I was to read about this. One person sitting near Coach Gailey said he put his head in his hands and just shook his head back-and-forth. What could our players be thinking? What could our freshmen be thinking - who never played in a game at BDS? What were our seniors thinking? I feel terrible about it because all they want is our support.

Here's the thing. This was embarrasing, BUT this is not representative of the spirit of Tech fans and students. I hope the players and coaches realize that.

Evidently there's time left to make up - because you can see the team off on Friday. Somebody please show up, bbbeeeeeeecccccccaaaaauuuuusssssseeeeeee, if a football team leaves for a game and nobody shows up to see them off, does that mean they didn't really leave?