Monday, August 15, 2005

Football - Quote from the Fridge

So the 2 Live Stews were broadcasting last week from Rose Bowl practice field at Georgia Tech. They were interviewing Chan Gailey. He talks about the same kind of stuff - expecting bigger things from Reggie Ball, how Taylor Bennett started off pre-season slow, but has been playing well the last couple of days, and how the defense is strong and the offensive weapons at the skill positions are there, but it will all depend on how the O-Line gels.

Most interesting was that Ryan Stewart said he was at Joe Hamilton's wedding and that Ralph Freidgen was there. They got into a discussion comparing Reggie Ball and Joe Hamilton. Fridge told Ryan that Joe Hamilton was one bad play away from being yanked permenantly. What's interesting is that Coach Gailey has been using the Reggie / Joe comparison for the first time this pre-season. He talked about it on the first practice day Saturday, saying that Reggie has more passing yards than Joe at this point in his career and very close with the TD/INT numbers. He said that Joe managed to make that jump, that next step, and that the question is - can Reggie do it too?