Friday, August 26, 2005

Golf Notes

Being the 6th man on a golf team just ain't the place to be. Ask Georgia Tech coach Bruce Heppler:

Backup players in basketball and football often get to play in games, but in golf, if you're not a starter, you don't even make the trip. "It's all or nothing," says Georgia Tech men's coach Bruce Heppler. "The sixth guy might never put on a uniform."

And don't think that college golf is less of a committment than other sports:

For most freshmen, attending college is adjustment enough. Golfers have additional responsibilities, making time management the key to handling college golf. "It's difficult for most freshmen to understand just how much of a commitment college golf is," says Heppler. "They just have to learn it for themselves."

Stewart Cink's advice on how to get on tour?

Stewart Cink (Georgia Tech): As far as getting on tour, it's how good you are and how much you want it. It doesn't make a difference if you go to Georgia Tech or Smith County Community College.

Here's a nice article on former Tech golfer Matt Weibring.......