Thursday, August 25, 2005

Hoops Team Report

Alright folks. I have a brief hoops team report. I have to preface it by saying it's VERY early and practice hasn't even started. So you're probably saying - how the heck would he know these things. Actually pretty presumptious......... Well, my advice is take them all with a big grain of salt. I did get the info from people close to the program, but at the end of the day, you have to play the games. Also, if you really think about the comments, they are actually fairly general ...................Here are some things to watch:

1. Team chemistry......... Early reports are that there is some good team chemistry with this group. That is not to say it was an issue last season, but anytime you have a lot of seniors and a final year junior and then a lot of freshman, there is not the same type of bonding as a big group of frosh / sophs. The frosh / sophs will really go through the program together and due to the mass departure of seniors, will ALL compete for a lot of open PG............. This group seems to get along well, joke around with each other a lot. That's a good early sign.

2. Zam is probably more physically ready to play PG this season. He's lost weight (as has been reported), has better conditioning and he has something to prove. A lot of people made judgements about Buck's ability to play the point based on VERY limited action last season. It's funny how a couple of half-court traps can paint a mis-guided impression. I think odds are very good he's going to surprise people this season when he has the reigns. Don't start expecting Jarrett Part II, but maybe Jarrett the Frosh. Anyone remember many of those frustrating moments with Jarrett and Chris Bosh? How soon we forget. In essense, Buck will be a freshman PG in the ACC in terms of experience - but actually a step above that with a year of practice under this belt.

3. So who's the backup PG? Well - despite reports of Mario West as the guy - it is nost likely goin to be Lewis Clinch. Yes - everyone knows it's in the teams best interest to find him open to shoot, not bringing the ball up the floor. However, he has that ability and will probably provide the best continuity - and he can pass folks. So that leads to - who's shooting? Well, A-Mac, D-Bell and Clinch still - of course.

4. Jeremis Smith looks to be 100% (or dang close) and ready to be the player we heard about out of high school - that monster athlete with a mean-streak. We saw the physical toughness lasrt season, but the he was limited in doing what he was used to physically. Early reports over the summer are that he's back........... and it's needed.......... It will also be interesting to see if he shows a jump shot out to about 10 feet. He evidently had one in high school, but honestly looked shaky taking the few jumpers he did take last season. Should be interesting.

5. It appears that Alade Aminu is now our tallest player. He's young and continues to grow and is apparently in the 6'10" range right now. Man, my only growth spurt has been in width.........