Saturday, August 13, 2005

Football Notes - Saturday

Some team notes - Patrick Clark is making some noise at WR and sitting pretty at the #1 Slot receiver position. So when Georgia Tech runs 3 WR sets, for now, he's the inside guy................ Djay Jones should be back at practice Monday - he's been out since the 2nd practice............. Still looks like Anthony Barnes will miss the Auburn game, although he will be ready before then. Just not enough practice................. Matt Rhodes will still miss at least another week with his leg injury and KaMichael Hall did his best Rocky imitation and missed practice Friday with a puffy right eye..................

Check out this quote:

Tuberville said today's scrimmage is closed to the public in order to eliminate distractions and make the atmosphere seem like a practice, rather than "a day of celebration." He didn't say it, but the threat of Georgia Tech spies (only 90 minutes up the road) probably also factored into his decision

Don't you just love it when the media has their own idea for a story and throws it in there?.............. Tony Hollings is battling for the backup RB spot in Houston.

Hollings always has fared well in August. He holds the Texans' career record for preseason rushing yards with 286, but that means little. He wants those numbers to translate beyond the exhibition schedule. Over the past two regular seasons, he has combined for a mere 149 yards on 49 carries.

"This is the year you want to see him make a move as a player, and I think he will," general manager Charley Casserly said. "His feel for the game has improved with experience, which we thought it would. And he still has the speed. He's a pretty good pass blocker now, and his strength is better. We're anxious to see him in the preseason."

The AP does a very nice story about Calvin Johnson. While all we hear about is his humbleness, you can see a bit of that spirit coming through.

When Johnson grabs the controls of the latest college football video game, he usually plays with a team other than Georgia Tech. A few times, though, he's checked to see how Cyber Johnson stacks up as a receiver against Calvin Johnson.

"I've seen myself make a lot of good ones on the video game," he said, shaking his head and grinning.

He certainly has D-Bilbo's admiration:

"He's the closest thing to Randy Moss, but he's bigger and faster," Bilbo said. "When he's not catching the ball, he's out there blocking on every play. I don't know Randy Moss. I don't want to say anything bad about him. But I think he takes some plays off. Not Calvin. He's a humble guy and he gives it everything he's got, even in practice."

"He's a freak of nature," Bilbo said. "He can catch the ball with one hand better than most guys can catch with two."

I'll leave you with a cool graphic someone did over at the Hive. I put it here for your viewing pleasure:

Ted Roof is creating some believers in Durham, although the party will end quickly unless they will more ball games. This
thinks they have a shot in 6 games - including Georgia Tech. The way our team plays lesser opponents, I would give them a shot too............

I give Duke a serious shot in six games -- at ECU, VMI, Navy, Georgia Tech, Wake Forest and at North Carolina -- and if successful in all six, Roof should garner several ACC coach-of-the-year votes.

Listen, I'm no Notre Dame, but I like the movie Rudy. I admit it. I don't care if Rudy got his sack against Georgia Tech. Actually, that's a nice historical link to our program. Well, turns out that Charlie Weis is using all the tools at his disposal to motivate his new team, including bringing back Rudy to Notre Dame, the first time that has happened......... This article by Pat Forde also had a very interesting quote about Ty Willingham and one of the reasons he didn't make the cut:

He was a dispassionate man at a passionate school

Weis is certainly not a big media guy. He comes from the Parcells school of dealing with media, but sounds like he is using what he can to draw talent, and that impacts Georgia Tech, because we go head-to-head with a lot of the same recruits...........