Thursday, August 18, 2005

Football - The "Calvin Effect"

The team held their 2nd scrimmage (links in the left column below google box). Reggie Ball looked sharp, Calvin Johnson looked great (big surprise, duhh), Philip Wheeler was an animal, KaMichael Hall still has not resolved whatever off-the-field situation that is preventing him from practicing, Colin Peek continues to impress, the offensive line continues to be a patch-work quilt of "who's healthy", and even OL Cord Howard missed practice today. So really, more of the same. The biggest worry continues to be the O-Line and most other positions seem to be fairly solid (at least on the 1st team).

Calvin Johnson has become his own brand. Check out this quote from a Washington Post sports writer on the Maryland football team:

And finally, for lack of a better term, there was no Calvin Johnson. The Georgia Tech freshman combined a 6-foot-4 frame with impressive speed last season to finish second in the ACC in receiving yards and receiving touchdowns and among the leaders in yards per catch. It was a performance not unlike that of another tall and swift Georgia Tech receiver -- Dez White -- who in 1999 led the conference in yards per catch with Friedgen as his offensive coordinator.

"We haven't had a guy we could throw the ball up the field and just let them go get it," Friedgen said. "I think for us to have a good season, we have to find that guy that can make plays."

Who was the last Tech personality to have their own "effect". Try Paul Hewitt. When discussing young, up-and-coming, polished black coaches, the media likes to refer to them as "another Paul Hewitt". So the beat goes on.

Hey, check out the video from Auburn alumni on the old "WreckTech Parade". Here's the picture:

Lastly, roster weights have been somewhat updated. Brad Honeycutt at 315, McManus at 290, AJ Smith 280, Dan Voss 290, Wrotto at 310, Anaoi at 275, Salih B at 295, Billy at 280, R.Cox at 285, Gardner at 285, Kelly 280, Lonowski 285, Newberry 320, E.Parker 290, Rhodes 280, Tuminello 285 - I'd say there were some burgers eaten in the offseason.